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Do The Trouser Press!

I’m generally in a crazy puttering mode before taking a trip – a reverse nesting, as it were – but husband decided to put the “A Hard Day’s Night” DVD on and, since I’m pretty much packed, it seemed like a good moment to sit down, enjoy Dos Beatles and catch up on Ye Olde Blog.

The trip tomorrow is a quick one, a single day, overnight-and turn-around home jaunt to New York City, my old hometown. And the purpose is a fun one – the 40th Anniversary Party for Trouser Press magazine, the spunky underdog music publication that I wrote for Back In The Day. My high school graduation class is having a 40th Anniversary Reunion as well in April, but I doubt I’ll attend. The Mary Louis Academy (as pretension as it sounds) is hosting a reception, a mass (!) and a dinner. The Trouser Press party is a night at the Bowery Electric with The Planets, Sic F*cks and Pin Ups. And while I don’t really know  those bands, the chance to hang out with some old scribe friends and make some new ones, finally meeting face-to-face with bylines I’ve enjoyed over the many years, is a chance not to be missed.

A report and some photos shall come sometime next week (she said, as if such blog deadlines were real).

And, in the interim, some housekeeping, i.e. stuff that I’ve written recently…

Lorde concert review  Rather proud of this one, actually. Circumstances worked against the press photographers at this one – pushed to the “front of the house” (a misnomer, as it was near the soundboard at the rear of the hall), as far away as one could be without being in the lobby, and we (I had a photo pass) had to stand on tip-toes, struggling to keep our largest lenses steady as Lorde came out in smoke and dark lighting. I don’t know if the Washington Post actually sent a photographer, but there was no picture from the show in the paper when the review ran.

Luckily, hubby and I had found a sweet spot near the front of the hall and to the side of the stage and my trusty little point-and-shoot Lumix was able to catch a few reasonable shots.

Lorde in concert.

Lorde in concert.

And I wrote something that I also kinda liked, which captured what I felt was the spirit of the event. I hope you’ll check it out.

The night after we saw Lorde, hubby and I saw Mark Mulcahy, former frontman of the beloved Miracle Legion, at the downstairs venue in the Sixth and I Synagogue. I’m overdue to write up that review, but I did get a set list which is up at with some photos, too. Here’s a teaser:

Mark Mulcahy makes a point.

Mark Mulcahy makes a point.

Last night, I went to the Barns at Wolf Trap, on the invitation of the publicist who works with Bombadil, a band I also saw at Sixth and I awhile back; twice actually. Hubby and I “discovered” them when they opened for The Last Bison (set list page here) and then I saw them again when they headlined (review here; set list page here). This time, they were openers again, for Pearl and the Beard. I went alone, but had my trusty SLR for company. There will be more photos and a new list on soon, but here’s one for a preview:

Bombadil at Wolf Trap Barns

Bombadil at Wolf Trap Barns

Ringo has now started his slow, sad tour of town, to the strains of a soft jazz  instrumental version of “This Boy.” I hope he gets back in time for the big show!

I, meanwhile, should probably get back to plans and packing and puttering…

More anon and thanks for dropping by.


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