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Mother’s Day and more

It’s been a busy, fun May so far.

Last weekend was, as you know, Mother’s Day, and I spent mine doing what I love – hearing live music. Onward Chariots, a band that I’ve become fond of since discovering their debut album, “This is My Confession,” played a matinee show at my “local” – Jammin Java.

Back some weeks ago, I had previewed a different DC area show by the band and got into a chatty email conversation with the Chariots’ singer/songwriter, Ben Morss. When it came to light that we also had a close personal mutual friend, I extended an invite for the group to crash at my house the night before the show. (My husband and I occasionally host bands coming through town as our contribution to the arts.)

As it turned out, the guitarist wasn’t making the trip and the drummer was staying with his girlfriend at her family’s home in Maryland, but Ben and bass player Rus Wimbish came by Saturday evening and we had a late meal and lots of fine conversation. The next morning, Dan Hill, of YellowTieGuy, the opening act for the afternoon show, dropped by to learn some guitar parts, as he’d offered to sit in for Onward Chariots’ set. (Yes, Dan is wearing a kilt in the picture!)


So, my Mother’s Day began with coffee, the Sunday papers and the sound of musicians practicing in my basement. Doesn’t get much better than that, unless you then get to go and see your new friends perform live. The show was great (a few pics included here) and, of course, I bartered a visit to the B&B for a set list for


Also on the set list tip, I added a 2008 Vampire Weekend show to the site, in honor of the group’s excellent new album, which has been in having rotation since we saw them rock last week’s SNL.

And in other recent music news (of my making), here are my latest articles.

Concert previews in May:

The Veils, Onward Chariots,  Donna the Buffalo, Black Francis

Telekinesis, Howlin’ Brothers, The Great Divide, Swear and Shake

So, that’s a little something to let you know I’m still hangin’ around.Image


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