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Here We Go Again (Hello, 2014)

First, of course, Happy New Year to all my dear close personal friends. I will refrain from making any resolutions/promises about being a more consistent blogger; we’ve heard the words before. I even considered not posting today just to put that “every day in the new year” idea to bed right away. But hey, might as well try to Start Out on the Right Foot, yes?

It was a great Christmas here at CPF headquarters and I hope the same was true for you. Music, of course, played a huge part in it. There was the compiling of the annual “Cool Yule” holiday mix (send a note if you’d like a digital download)…

Cool Yule 2013: Elf on the Decks

Cool Yule 2013: Elf on the Decks

After that, it was the Big Show, Santa bringing lots of melodic joy, like the new Elbow Live CD/DVD set (imported from the U.K. by Grad School Girl) and the One Direction movie on BlueRay (yes, I am a fan!). And a friend with good connections slipped me a leaked download of the new Bruce Springsteen, so that’s a triple hit of  favorites. (If there’s any new Elvis Costello out there, it would be a home run.)

Despite best intentions, I didn’t write much for publication (2014, I’m gonna change that!) but I had a fun Saturday afternoon just passed, hanging with my former

RDGLDGRN hit the field.

RDGLDGRN hit the field.

neighbor and current upcoming rock star “Gold” and his band, RDGLDGRN, when they hosted a pickup soccer match for friends and fans in No.VA. That became a quick story and slideshow for examiner.com.

Then, on the following (Sunday) night, I needed to make a trip to Vienna, VA on other business and wound up stopping at my favorite local joint, Jammin’ Java, which was hosting a local band event. Got there just in time to catch some tunes from Lightspeed Rescue, a band I became acquainted with when I judged a J2 Mid-Atlantic Band Battle some time ago.

Lightspeed Rescue at Jammin' Java

Lightspeed Rescue at Jammin’ Java

Also on the bill that night was a singer/songwriter named Marshall Cunningham, who had a kinda Jason Mraz style (without the annoying skat detours)…


and Contest Williams, a good-natured comic-rap act which featured the buff lead singer from LSR in a supporting role…

Contest Williams

Contest Williams

The headliner of the show was a muscular pop trio called Carlton, though I’d seen them before when they played a Band Battle under the name Mercury in Summer…Carlton

All told, a great night of local sounds (Carlton is now West Coast-based, but has a strong base here) made sweeter by the fact that it happened unexpectedly.

I’ll be back at Jammin’ Java on Tuesday and Thursday of next week, judging two nights of the 10th (!!) Band Battle (I’m “a prize,” too – writing a bio for the winning act), so there shall be new pics and posts coming.

Maybe even tomorrow, if I get/keep my act together.

Here’s to a wonderful, musical 2014!


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