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I Went, I Took Pictures, I Wrote About It

This little into bit here is always the hardest part of having a blog, trying to come up with some pithy way to say hello and fill in the gap from last we met. So I’m going to cut to the chase – I’ve been to some fine shows lately and wrote them up for my examiner.com column, with photo slideshows for all but one (the venue didn’t allow me to shoot). Here’s some links to bring you up to date, with photo samples to, hopefully, tease you into clicking through:

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, with members of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, with members of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Wolf Trap summer season opener, with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Preservation Hall Jazz Band

The two Daves - Cousins and Lambert - of Strawbe

The two Daves – Cousins and Lambert – of Strawbs

The Strawbs revisit “Hero and Heroine” (an album that looms large in my personal legend) at AMP by Strathmore

The Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers with Brett Dennen (8th row seats for an amazing show!) at Eagle Band Arena (formerly the Patriot Center)

Thao and the Get Down Stay Down (she went to high school with Dr. Daughter), plus Saintseneca (a new favorite) at the 9:30 Club

Robyn Hitchcock and Emma Swift (a veteran hero and a bright newcomer) at the Barns of Wolf Trap

Gaz Coombes (from Supergrass) and Piney Gir at Jammin Java

A trio of great local acts at Jammin Java – Sub-Radio, Swell Daze and Belmira

And there’s more coming soon, as I’m editing pics and writing text about another recent fine show – Nathaniel Rateliff and the Nightsweats (“S.O.B.”!!)

close gtr

who opened for Lord Huron. See ya soon!

pink smoke


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How’s the summer treating you so far? Been keeping busy myself and, as ever, have fallen way behind in keeping my CPFs informed here. In the most immediate past, I had a great time last night at my “local,” Jammin’ Java, for a three-act bill of MYZICA, Cheerleader and Civil Twilight, a show which I’ll be writing up for my examiner.com column tomorrow (if I’m a good girl). In the meantime, here’s a shot of Civil Twlight, the headliner, who brought U2-style arena rock to the small venue. DSC_0212

In an effort to catch up with the archival element of this blog, here’s a selection of recent articles posted since we last met:

DC Concert Photography column:

Opening of Woo Live! Concert venue (As an addendum to this news, Mei Verba, cited as the new venue’s booker in the story, has since severed her ties with the club and moved most of the shows to new venues, although the club’s web site still has shows scheduled.)

Shots from the crowd at The Earth Day concert

A review of Delta Rae at 9:30 Club

Concert previews – James Murphy, Mat Kearny, et. al

My AXS column includes the following recent posts:

Five underrated bands to see at the Firefly Music Festival

Johnette Napolitano’s new EP and tour

Meet Mikey Wax on his first nationwide headlining tour

Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield sing Elliott Smith

Peter Asher takes about the British Invasion tour

And, finally, the latest from my Digital Music column:

Sonic Boom Records – making vinyl!

Jay Burden at SXSW – When local musician (and CPF) Jay Burden, of the band dedWAX, told me that he was going to SXSW to work at a club there for the duration of the big fest, I asked him to report back with what he saw and heard. That became a four-part series for the column, including a) an introduction to Jay and his music, b) a first-hand report from Jay on his arrival and settling into the scene, c) a Q&A about his time in Texas, and d) his summation of the experience and a podcast he made while at SXSW.

And that’s only what I actually wrote about doing! Having taken care of the “housekeeping,” I’ll try to return soon – and more often – with stuff As It Happens. Stay cool!

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Battle results

Greetings, (close personal) friends!
Not a lot of time today, but last Friday night, I was a judge at the 12th edition of Jammin Java’s Mid-Atlantic Band Battle, and the evening’s host promised from the stage that I would be posting photos and such from the event here at CPF.

To make good on that promise, here is a shot of the winning band, Leesburg, VA’s own Swell Daze, with their oversized prize check and producer Jim Ebert, who will produce for them as part of their booty haul.
SD with Pat
I also wrote up the night for my column at examiner, so you can get many more photos and a bunch o’ words, too, if you click right here.

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Short month, long winter

February is the shortest month and yet it can easily feel like the longest, with the early-setting sun and bitter cold standing between me and spring – and my birthday, on March 1st. (Start planning now!)

At least this February, I have the sweet face of Harry Styles looking over my shoulder as I type, as his 21st birthday (can I buy you a drink, handsome?!) on February 2 makes him my calendar boy of the month.


Yes, my possibly inappropriate 1D fangirl obsession continues, but I was able to make it work with a recent story posted on AXS.com, when respected indie troubadour Martin Sexton covered a 1D song for his daughter, after she found out that Harry was following him on Twitter.

Other recent stories for that site include:

Courtney Barnett’s new single/video and upcoming album. Very excited for this as I loved her album and the show I caught last year, at the Black Cat. She was also very gracious afterwards, meeting fans and signing albums. Here I am with the cool lady. IMG_3992

Sufjan Stevens’ new album and upcoming tour.

Rapper/singer Lizzo gets coveted spot opening for Sleater-Kinney’s tour.

I’ve had a few other items posted recently, so here are some other links for your pleasure:

Jukebox the Ghost and Twin Forks giving away free music and touring together.

A review of The Black Cadillacs, and Knox Hamilton (a new favorite band) at Jammin Java.

A review of (charming Southern boy) Christian Lopez, also at Jammin Java.

To recap, here are places you can find me and links to a whole lotta love:


Examiner.com – National Music news

Examiner.com – DC Concert Photography (reviews, previews and slideshows)

 Whatcha Gonna Play – the set list site

Thanks for dropping by and please come back soon. It won’t all be listicles (a horrible trend in journalism, with an ugly word to match!).

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First bylines of 2015

It’s been awhile since I’ve said hello here, but not for lack of anything to talk about. Au contraire, mes amis (Je suis Charlie), I’ve been busy with fun events both musical and travel-oriented. Still rummaging through pics and such to share, so in the meantime, I give you two links:

1. My first article for the new year, a simple news items about the return of Scottish punk band The Rezillos, who will be releasing their first new studio album since their 1978 debut, Can’t Stand the Rezillos.

Rezillos copy

2.The Village Voice Pazz and Jop Critics Poll was printed/posted online today and yours truly was one of the 1000+ music writers who sent in a ballot of Top Ten albums and singles for the past year. You can see the overall results and my personal ballot.

As usually happens, shortly after I submitted my ballot, I was reminded of a song that I should have included. I was driving with Sirius XM’s alternative station on the radio when I heard a tune called “Work It Out” by a young band from Arkansas named Knox Hamilton. I liked the song so much when I heard it a few other times on Sirius that I Shazam’ed it and bought it from emusic. If I had my list to do over again, I would probably bump Sondre Lerche’s “Bad Law,” from his fine album, Please (which I reviewed for one of my examiner.com columns).

Happily, the band is coming to play this weekend at my favorite local joint, Jammin Java, so I intend to attend and will write up a review to show my interest in (and, one hopes, enjoyment of) the band.

More to come soon, including my first live reports of the year, including my night as judge at the Jammin Java Band Battle and a trip to Florida, where I visited a most wonderful record store.

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Jammin’ Java Band Battle recaps…

Two nights, 13 bands, 2 winners.

The 11th edition of the Jammin’ Java Mid-Atlantic Band Battle held its preliminary competitions last week, and I was judge on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Host Nate Ihara repeatedly touted that I’d be posting photos here, but I wound up writing up each night as stories for examiner.com instead.

And so, if you’ve come here to CPF looking for MABB coverage, please use the following links:

Tuesday night, July 1, the winning band was Skyward.


Wednesday night, July 2, the winning band was Shade Parade.

Shade Win2




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Goals and Guitars

So, tonight I’ll be back at the judges’ table for the second night of Jammin Java’s Mid-Atlantic Band Battle #11. It’s a twice yearly thing at the club now, and I’ve been happy to be asked to take part in many of the preceding events. Always a good time watching good regional musicians and seeing area pals who work at the club and on the local music scene.

Although the USA vs. Belgium World Cup game is highly distracting at the moment, I thought it would be a good idea to stop in here at the (long-neglected) blog to update some of my recent activities since, when the judges are introduced, the host/MC (hoping it’s Nate Ihara again) usually mentions the blog, where I’ll be posting photos and saying a little bit about each performer – but I won’t reveal the thoughts behind the judges’ scoring.

Because it sounds good, it’s usually mentioned that I write for Rolling Stone and The Washington Post. The correct tense should be have written, as it’s been some time since I’ve had a byline in either. RS was back when I lived in NYC, many years ago. As for the Post, I had a nice 5-year run doing a local arts events (mostly concerts) column for the Fairfax and Arlington regional sections, but when those were switched to a generic “Local Living” section, I lost that gig. And, as anyone who follows media knows, newspapers have been shrinking their staffs for some time now and freelancers like myself are the first to be shown out.

But I still writing about music, albeit online, where the pay is lousy and junk journalism runs free. I keep my hand in the game and my body in the photo pit by writing features and reviews and creating concert photo slideshows for examiner.com. I have two columns there:

Digital Music –  interviews and album reviews, plus links to free, legal downloads

DC Concert Photography – concert previews, reviews and live photo slideshows

There will be a new review up soon – country/rock/punk from Nikki Lane, whom I saw, and thoroughly enjoyed, this past Friday at Gypsy Sally’s in Georgetown. Here’s a pair of pics as preview:

whassup, Nikki Lane?

whassup, Nikki Lane?

Lane was down to a terry-cloth bathing suit by show's end. (The club was hot.)

Lane was down to a terry-cloth bathing suit by show’s end. (The club was hot.)

And then there’s my own special “baby,” a web site that I designed and run, dedicated to concert photography and the sharing of my personal holy grail at shows – the set list. Like a fingerprint, each one is different. Like a mixtape/CD, how it’s put together gives you insight into a band or artist’s own feelings about his/her/their music. Here, for example, is one from a recent Foo Fighters show:


The web site is called Whatcha Gonna Play.com and I hope you’ll take a look.

We’ve just hit the mid-game break and the score is Nil-Nil. (I know a kid named Nils and he’s not nothing.) Gonna wrap this up and concentrate on sending the US team my positive karma for the second half.

Thanks for dropping by. Band Battle words and pics coming soon!

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