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Hello, Mr. New Year

First day of the new year, sitting in a comfy chair with the new laptop (thanks, Santa!) and watching the House of Representatives try to undo the damage of the “fiscal cliff.” Didn’t Congress get the memo? It’s time to shape up, fly right and get stuff done, dangummit.

Anyhoo, starting 2013 with a new O/CD Tally, this one to be handled via twitter. So, if you’d like to track the accumulation of new music that I get each day of this new annum, follow me @OCDmusicTally. There are already five albums listed (it was a good day of promo emails and surfing), three of which are freebies you can grab for yourself so I hope you’ll check it out.

Tomorrow, it’s on to whatchagonnaplay.com, which is also going to get more attention as part of the CPF 2013 Resolution/Revolution.

Happy New Year, everyone!



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