Close Personal Friend started life as a xeroxed – but nicely designed, I like to think – DIY publication that I sent to publicists, editors and friends back in the dark days before email and the glorious, time-wasting Internet. It was a way to share my tearsheets and opinions with music biz people and music-loving friends and keep my name alive as a freelance writer.

With the ascent of the wide world of webbing, I developed CPF as a web site, of which this is a recent (2013) reboot. If you’d like to visit the original version and its archives, which include many Washington Post articles, a resume and photo gallery, here ya go!

Also, I’d like to direct you to some other places where I write regularly:

Whatcha Gonna Play? – the web site for people who love or collect set lists. Actual documents taken from the stage or soundboard, with concert photos and – when possible – comments from the musicians.

Digital Music Examiner – a column in which I discuss new releases and free downloads and offer feature stories about musicians I like.

DC Concert Photography Examiner – reviews and photo galleries of DC area concerts, plus occasional previews of upcoming shows.

I’m also Tweeting. In three places. Which may seem excessive, but let me explain:

@mariannemeyer – my original twitter account, back when I thought 140-character missives were a silly idea. But now my favorite place to play when watching live award shows and terrible TV like “Liz and Dick.” Mostly music, but also politics and whatever else strikes my fancy, too.

@setlistsite – the official Twitter feed of WhatchaGonnaPlay.com.

@OCDmusicTally – Old-timey CPF web site readers may recall my efforts to keep track of all the new music I acquire – stuff I buy, stuff sent to me, digital downloads and physical CDs – in my freelancin’ life. For this new year, I’m keeping it short and simple by tweeting each new acquisition, with links, when applicable, to downloads, videos or stories I’ve written about the acts.

So, that’s enough about me. Thanks for taking the ride.

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