…and the stars look very different today.

When a famous person dies, social media explodes with tributes and appreciations, perhaps a personal story of a brush with the deceased, more often a discussion of the impact he or she had on the culture, or on the individual writing. What can I contribute about David Bowie? Nothing that hasn’t been said before or more poetically.

I never had the great fortune to meet him in any personal or professional capacity, but a number of the music biz people on my Facebook feed did. It is their stories – of a kind and helpful gentleman who didn’t assume privilege because of his fame and talent – that mean as much to me as remembering his brilliant music and all it meant to me/us.

One person wrote that, Bowie, having recently opened the off-Broadway “Lazurus” play to great reviews, then making a video of the same name with prescient imagery of death, and finally celebrating his birthday and release of the album known as “Blackstar” (also critically admired) just days before his death, had achieved the ultimate mic drop. Well, he was the consummate showman (I think he’d appreciate the double entendre).

I saw David Bowie perform live three times, the last being at the Area One Festival back in 2002. He was in fine spirits, with a beautiful smile, seemingly as happy to see us as we were to see him. Here are a few of the shots I took that day, thrilled to be so close to a true musical legend.

The Starman will always be waiting in our sky, continuing to blow our minds.


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